Emergency exits to evacuate children from your day care centre must be clearly identified, unlocked and free from obstruction at all times.

Usually, each floor of a building has doors that lead directly outside or to a fire escape that leads outside. Day care centres must have such exits. Doors that lead outside, doors leading to fire escapes and classroom doors leading to the hall are all emergency exits.


The building's emergency exits must be indicated with signs reading "SORTIE" or "EXIT." Most of the time, these signs are illuminated. Be sure to replace lightbulbs in these signs as needed; they should be illuminated whenever the building is occupied. 


Emergency exits must be free from obstruction at all times. Items such as boxes, furniture, toys, plants, clothing, shoes, strollers or minibuses must not be stored in front of them, even temporarily. Also, doors to these emergency exits must not have locks or bars that could prevent or delay a person from leaving the building quickly.