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Déclaration de l’Est

As part of the Declaration Déclaration, in an effort to revitalize the East End of Montréal, the government of Québec and the city have made the commitment to implement a mobilizing vision promoting economic and land development, as well as mobility for the East End of Montréal.

Led by a joint committee made up of the city and the government of Québec, the work resulting from this declaration will revolve around two core objectives: (1) to take action in favour of sustainable, integrated mobility, (2) to promote innovative, sustainable economic development.

The joint committee is also relying on simultaneous projects to improve the living environment and citizen services in the area (housing, culture, businesses, green space, etc.).

Agreement between the government of Québec and the city

Upon launching of the Déclaration pour revitaliser l’Est de Montréal, the city received sizeable financial resources from the government of Québec ($100 M) for the decontamination, redevelopment, enhancement and upgrading of industrial land in the East End of Montréal. This support must serve to attract investments and streamline commercialization by bringing research, innovation and entrepreneurship to an appealing, high quality environment.

Today, all elements are in place for the city and the government of Québec along with socio-economic, business and territory leaders to finalize a common, rallying vision to attract investors and workers to Montréal’s East End.

We have the opportunity to be both ambitious and visionary!