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Montréal Geared Up for Tomorrow


To ensure its prosperity, Montréal must become a vector of innovation and talent as well as economic, entrepreneurial, international, sustainable and social development. The city has developed its economic plan around five strategic sectors: creative and cultural industries, life sciences and health technologies, the digital industry, transportation/mobility and clean technologies.

Five orientations have been set out to accelerate Montréal’s economic development:

  • Invest in Knowledge and Talent

    Reinforce work skills to improve economic productivity, attract and retain talent and improve the match between the needs of businesses and available workers

  • Stimulate Entrepreneurship

    Stimulate business creation, support the growth of small and medium-sized companies and increase the rate of survival among businesses and ensure their succession`

  • Rejuvenate Economic Centres

    Transform and densify industrial zones by favoring quality amenities and an attractive setting, improve the accessibility and the mobility of people and goods to centres of employment, ensure industrial complementarity and synergy, highlight the area ’s economic advantages and boost retail and local business

  • Spread Montréal’s International Reputation

    Reinforce Montr éal’s reputation as a place of business, ensure the development of Montréal businesses in international markets and draw foreign investment to the city

  • Support an Effective Economic Development Network

    Ensure a client-focused approach, enhance the City of Montr éal’s internal procedures to boost the productivity of economic development programs and services and reinforce Montréal’s economic development ecosystem