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Choose Montréal: The bridge between Europe and America

With its access to large international markets, its highly qualified work force and the diversity of its industry, Montréal has everything it needs to help entrepreneurs and investors make their most ambitious projects come to life.

Montréal is:

  • 24% of Québec’s population and 35% of its economic activity
  • A GDP of $131 million in 2017
  • An active population of more than 1.1 million people
  • Capital expenditures in real estate of $13.4 billion in 2017
  • $2.5 billion in non-residential construction permits 
  • A record number of 11.1 million tourists in 2017
  • A solid banking system that is one of the most reliable in the whole world

Direct access to the North American market: 460 million consumers within the NAFTA market

Montréal’s cutting-edge infrastructures make it a hub for intermodal transportation: by land, by sea, by road and by railroad.

  • 2 international airports
  • A major maritime port in eastern Canada (the world’s largest interior port)
  • An integrated road network that is linked to major economic centres in North America (very competitive trucking rates and efficient cross-border traffic)
  • A railway network that extends over thousands of kilometres between Montréal and Vancouver, and towards large American cities

A highly qualified labour force

Montréal companies can count on a qualified and multilingual labour force. The city has six universities, two of which are in the top 100 universities in the world. Montréal also has a large network of colleges and professional training centres that offer educational programs tailored to companies’ needs.  In total, the student population is made up of 200,000 university students who registered in 2017, including more than 33,500 of foreign origin; 130,000 college students; and 43,000 students in professional training programs within the Montréal agglomeration.

A dynamic market and work culture

With an employment growth rate of 8.5% over the past several years, the greater Montréal area is at the top of the list of North America’s most dynamic areas. The greater Montréal area offers an innovation force and a climate of collaboration that is favourable to researchers and employers in the field of higher technology.

The most competitive operating costs in North America

Operating a business is less expensive in Montréal. The cost advantage is more than 10% on average than 19 other large cities in North America. This competitiveness is supported by competitive salaries despite a high rate of college graduates and experts, moderate rent and electricity costs and low social costs for employers. 

Targeted financial incentives

Montréal is ranked second among the 20 largest cities in North America in terms of its tax burden on companies. Research and development companies have an even lower tax burden thanks to generous tax credits from the governments of Québec and Canada.