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Statistics and housing studies

The Service de l’habitation publishes statistics and studies on housing issues.

Social and community housing stock in the Montréal urban agglomeration

  • In association with the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), Montréal presents Portrait des logements accessibles et adaptés dans le parc de logements sociaux et communautaires de l’Agglomération de Montréal.

    This report is the first survey on accessible and adapted housing aimed at ensuring a fair distribution of these types of housing units on the territory of Montréal, obtaining a first assessment of the progress made in terms of physical access to housing as well as unit adaptation and layout.

    This report refers exclusively to the Montréal urban agglomeration and is one of the chapters of the final report that will be produced by the CMM for the 82 municipalities of its territory. The report is to be tabled in the spring of 2017.

Profile of households and dwellings

  • Profil des ménages et des logements - Photo : Martine RouetteThe document Profil des ménages et des logements dans la ville de Montréal (profile of households and dwellings in Montréal) provides data to assess housing conditions of households and better identify housing challenges and concerns. This document is part of a series of analyses produced by Montréal en statistiques.

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Distribution of social and community housing

  • Répartition des logements sociauxThe document provides a listing of social and community housing units according to neighbourhood, borough and municipality of the Montréal urban agglomeration.

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Social mix in housing

  • Mixité sociale en habitationToday, social mix is an important issue, because it encourages the maintenance of social diversity in Montréal, which helps build an inclusive community in the long term.

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Urban housing for households with children

  • Habitations urbaines pour ménages avec enfantsThe study by Groupe Cardinal-Hardy presents architectural typology and criteria that meet the needs of urban families.

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What are buyers seeking?

  • Que recherchent les acheteurs?The study is a summary of eight surveys that were conducted between 2007 and 2011. It highlights behavioural trends of current and future buyers in Montréal.

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