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Sanitation, maintenance and safety

For safe and sanitary housing

The By-law concerning the sanitation, maintenance and safety of dwelling units is designed to ensure that dwellings and residential buildings in Montréal are healthy, safe and properly maintained. It applies throughout Montréal and targets residential buildings and their sheds, balconies, garages, carports and tool sheds. Sanitation refers to the conditions that make a dwelling fit to be occupied. The by-law thereby sets minimum standards for:

  • maintenance
  • size of dwellings
  • lighting and ventilation
  • sanitary fixtures and plumbing
  • electrical and heating systems

The purpose of the by-law is also to eliminate problems such as:

    uncleanliness, insects, vermin and rodents noxious odours and toxic fumes water infiltration, moisture and deterioration of dwellings

Under the by-law, every public health or safety hazard must be corrected. For a detailed description of required standards regarding sanitation, maintenance and safety in dwelling units, please refer to the by-law.

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