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Sports facilities

Coronavirus COVID-19

All sports facilities, such as pools, arenas and sports centres, are closed, until further notice.

Arenas and outdoor rinks

Arenas and outdoor rinks. Montréal has 34 municipal arenas with 40 rinks.
Visit the arenas and outdoor rinks page.

Skate parks

TAZ and some parks in the boroughs offer facilities for skateboarding and inline skating.
Visit the skate parks page.

Stadiums, centres and sports complexes

Information about municipal facilities and major non-municipal facilities.
Visit the stadiums, centres and sports complexes page.

Swimming pools, wading pools and play fountains

The city manages 48 indoor pools, 74 outdoor pools, 109 wading pools and 117 play fountains where young and old alike can enjoy a refreshing dip in the water.
Visit the pools, wading pools and play fountains page.