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Bicycle paths

Users of bicycle paths: Please be vigilant and courteous!

CyclistThe use of bicycle paths by cyclists, joggers, persons in wheelchairs, walkers accompanied by their dogs, skaters and skateboarders may occasionally cause congestion and also create tensions. Sharing bicycle lanes between all users is essential and requires sustained attention and courtesy towards other users.

For safety reasons, we recommend cyclists to slow down when approaching slower users. It is extremely unpleasant, even dangerous, for a skater or a skateboarder to be hit by a cyclist riding at high speed. The bicycle path is to be shared, which implies mutual respect between its users.

Pedestrians must avoid walking in bicycle paths and use sidewalks as much as possible.

Please remember that for safety reasons, pets are not allowed in bicycle paths.

Be courteous, careful and visible, but mostly enjoy the nice weather and have fun!