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Procedure in case of sewer backup

Every owner is responsible for the maintenance of the entire length of the sewer connection from the inside of the building to the point of connection to the main public sewer (sanitary and pluvial).

IMPORTANT: No employee intervenes in case of sewer backup.

 In the case of an blockage on the private domain

The owner must call upon a plumbing contractor of his or her choice who will evaluate the situation. As a result of the evaluation:

If the blockage is on the private domain:

The owner must carry out the necessary work to unblock the connection and bear the costs.

REMINDER: It is necessary to obtain a permit for work on the private domain. If an excavation is required, a permit is also required.

If the blockage is on the public domain:

The owner can make a request for corrective work of the part of a sewer connection that is in the public domain, when certain conditions are met (see Regulation 15-085, Chapter 2).

The request for corrective work must include the three following documents to be accepted :

• Corrective application form (in French) duly completed and signed by the owner. (See By-law 15-085, Schedule A)

• The Inspection Report (in French) duly completed and signed by the entrepreneur or contractor, showing the failure and its location. (See By-law 15-085, Schedule B)

A video in digital format on a USB key or CD allowing for the observation of the failure and its location. 


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