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Hodge-Place Benoit Neighbourhood

RUI LogoFor the past several years, the Ville de Montréal has engaged in the fight against poverty and social exclusion by implementing an Integrated Urban Revitalization (IUR) program. This initiative, an outcome of the Montréal Summit in June 2002, flows from the main orientations of Montréal's master plan for urban development as well as from the municipal contract between Montréal and the government of Québec. The IUR aims to combat poverty and social exclusion, not only by acting upon the living environment of residents in a given neighbourhood, but also by seeking to improve residents' socio-economic conditions.

Since September 2006, the Borough of Saint-Laurent has undertaken the implementation of an IUR for the Place Benoit neighbourhood, which is located in the south-eastern sector of Saint-Laurent.

For further information about the integrated urban revitalization currently underway in Saint-Laurent, we invite you to consult the action plan that the local revitalization committee will work to implement over the next few years.

RUI Hodge-Place Benoit
285, Place Benoit app.5
Saint-Laurent, (Québec) H4N 2H4
Phone: 514 744-6829 poste 27