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Swimming pools and spas


Pools may not be located under an overhead electrical wire. The minimum distance between a pool (measured from the inner wall) and the property line, as well as the minimum distance between the pool and the house, must be 1.5 m. The installation of a spa must respect the property limits that apply to the main building.


Safety fences 

According to the by-law on residential pools of the ministère des Affaires municipales du Québec,  acess must be controlled by a fence completely surrounding the pool and have a gate that is locked at all times. However, a safety fence is not required for a spa equipped with a lockable rigid cover; if the spa does not have a lockable rigid cover, a safety fence is required. 

The fence must be between 1.5 and 1.85 m high. Any openings in the fence must be no more than 7 cm wide and the horizontal rails must be at least 1 m apart. However, a temporary fence must be installed around the edge of the water area if the permanent fence has not been installed yet. Furthermore, the new Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act requires all swimming pools to be surrounded by a fence that is at least 1.2 m high to prevent access.


For more information or to obtain a permit, contact Division des permis et inspections at 514 855-6000.

Complete by-law (French only)