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Snow removal

It is against the law in Saint-Laurent for properties that have sufficient space to accommodate their snow to dispose of it on public property.

Only in cases where the space on private properties is insufficient, snow from private properties can be dumped in the street under the following conditions:

1. Snow must be disposed in such a way as to avoid obstructing pedestrian walkways or streets, roads or other routes used by vehicles, or blocking access to a building;

2. Snow must be deposited on the curb in front of the owner’s building, on the same side of the street on which the building is located. The size of the snow windrow may not exceed two metres when measured from the edge of the curb and the sidewalk;

3. Following a snow fall, the snow must be deposited prior to the snow-removal operations on the same side of the street, that is, before the snow-blower undertakes its maintenance work on the street;

4. Snow may not be deposited:
a) less than five metres from an intersection;
b) within a five-metre radius of a fire hydrant;
c) in front of a car ramp;
d) in front of a bus-stop zone;
e) in front of institutional buildings;
f) in front of a space reserved for persons
with limited mobility.

Other recommendations

In addition to respecting the snow removal bylaw, we recommend the following:

Place waste and recycling bins on the curb in front of your property (or, during snow-removal operations, wait until the next collection if the bins are not full).
Place stakes along the edge of the property a minimum of 60 centimetres from the inside edge of the sidewalk in such a way that they will not be not vacuumed by the snow thrower.
Maintain a minimum 30 centimetres space between the edge of the sidewalk and the parked vehicle in order to allow snow removal vehicles to access the sidewalks.

Complete by-law (French only)