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The Borough may require any owner to prune, trim or cut down a tree if the latter is endangering the public security or hampering the use or maintenance of the public roadway. In the case of refusal or negligence of the owner with respect to pruning, trimming or cutting down the tree, the Borough may proceed with the work as long as a notice concerning the work is sent to the owner beforehand. Nonetheless, the Borough may, without warning and at the owner’s expense, prune, trim or cut down a tree whose condition or location constitutes a danger requiring emergency intervention.

The minimum space that must be respected with respect to a building is 30 m for poplars and 10 m for silver maples and willows.

Tree cutting

Saint-Laurent tree bylaws prohibit the cutting of trees on private property that have a diameter of 5 cm or more when measured at a height of 1.5 m without the permission of the Division des permis et inspections.

A tree may be cut down only if it is:
• dead or afflicted with an incurable disease;
• a public health or safety hazard;
• a severe nuisance or cause of property damage;
• an obstacle to construction of an authorized building.

Furthermore, the following is prohibited:

• damaging or cutting down trees, shrubs, or ornamental plants in the strip of land located between the edge of the road or the sidewalk and the property line;
• planting a tree within 2 m of a fire hydrant, service entrance or lamp-post;
• pruning the top of a tree or shrub by more than 25%;
• cutting select branches from a tree to give it a special shape.

Any tree that is cut down, dead, or damaged must be replaced by a new tree which, at maturity, will be at least the same size as the one it is replacing.

Planting and greenery

Tree-planting is required for any construction project at a rate of one tree for every 10 m of street frontage. At the time of planting, the tree trunk must measure at least 5 centimetres in diameter when measured at a height of 1.5 m, and a height of at least 3.5 m measured from the base to its highest point.

A property on which a new commercial or industrial building is erected must comprise one or more green spaces covering at least 15% of the surface area.


In Saint-Laurent, tree heritage is a major concern for municipal administration. Numerous bylaws ensure the protection of existing trees. Accordingly, they must be protected when they are found near construction projects. It is against the law to damage them in any way, to climb them, to attach a bicycle or animal to them, or to glue, nail, staple, or affix a sign to them.

Complete by-law (French only)