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The Borough of Saint-Laurent provides several tools and databanks to orientate its residential and corporate citizens intent on making changes to their properties and to provide answers to questions regarding bylaws, construction or cleanliness.


Assistant-permis (or Permit wizard) is a research and information tool that provides personalized information for specific addresses. Residents will find answers to their questions by consulting fact sheets and fillable forms for all permits and authorization certificates relating to the following topics: accessory building, accessory equipment, antenna, basement dwellings, interior or exterior modifications, new construction or addition, parking spaces, plumbing connection, pool and spa, signage, tree and landscaping.

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Info-zonage (or Info-zoning) is a research and dissemination tool for Saint-Laurent’s grids of uses and standards. By referring to these grids, it is possible, for a specific address or lot number, to learn the usage classes and implementation standards that are permitted for the corresponding zone. Info-zonage data can be helpful for individuals and professionals: urban developers, architects, land surveyors, notaries, etc. Simply enter a street address or lot number to obtain the corresponding grid of uses and standards.

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Zoning bylaw

The usage classes and standards provided by Info-zonage are taken from the Zoning Bylaw. To consult the Zoning Bylaw RCA08-08-001 in its full version.

Municipal Fact Sheets

Do you have questions about bylaws, construction or cleanliness? Visit the Municipal Fact Sheets section, which contains comprehensive documentation on the most widely viewed bylaws, as well as the steps to follow to obtain a permit or a certificate of authorization.