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Organic waste collection

Hints and tips


Use newspaper to make a liner for your kitchen bin. Click here for instructions.


1. Take out the bin for the collection every week, regardless the amount of organic materials that have been placed inside.
2. Use paper bags, cardboard boxes or newspaper to wrap organic waste or to cover the bottom of the brown bin. Plastic bags are prohibited.
3. Use brown paper bags or reusable containers for excess green waste. Place it besides the brown bin for the collection.
4. Alternate between layers of moist (table residu) and dry materials (newspaper, dead leaves) inside the bin.
5. Do not put any liquids in the bin (soup, broth, milk, etc.).
6. Freeze leftovers of meat and fish and place them in your bin only on collection day.
7. Sprinkle baking soda in your bin and clean it regularly with water and light detergent or white vinegar.
8. To avoid attracting small animals, rub some cough ointment on the edges of the bin.
9. To eliminate maggots, throw a little salt or vinegar in the bin.
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