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In order to manage the urban landscape, to ensure the safety of citizens and to promote quality development, the Borough of Saint-Laurent has several regulations related to matters such as occupation of the public domain, Minor Exemptions, conditional uses, nuisances and stormwater retention on private properties.

Regulations: Acquired Rights 
Definition, process to request verification of acquired rights, restrictions, etc.

Regulations: Advisory Committee on Planning (ACP)
Definition, composition, role, frequency of meetings, request processing, etc.

Regulations: Amendments to an urban planning bylaw 
Process to request a modification to an urban planning bylaw, documents required, request processing, etc.

Regulations: Conditional uses 
Request submittal process, conditions to obtain an authorization, request processing, cancellation of a conditional use, etc.

Regulations: Lot subdivision 
Process to obtain a subdivision permit, fees related to parks, cadastral operations, restrictions, etc.

Regulations: Minor Exemptions 
Definition, elements that could be considered for a minor exemption, conditions for the granting of a minor exemption, validity, request processing, etc.

Regulations: Nuisances
Definition, authorized and prohibited times for noise emissions, exceptions, maximum noise levels, exempted activities, noise intensity calculations, complaints procedure, etc.

Regulations - Occupation of the public domain 2019
Process to obtain a permit, temporary, periodic and permanent occupation of the public domain, liability insurance, permit revocation, etc.

Regulations: Offices in Industrial Zones 
Process to submit an application for conditional use, costs, evaluation criteria, procedure, etc.

Regulations: Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP)
Definition, application submittal process, request processing, exemptions, modifications to an approved SPAIP, refusal of an application, etc.

Regulations: Specific Construction, Alteration or Occupancy Proposal for an Immovable (SCAOPI)
Definition, application submittal process, evaluation criteria, request processing, etc.

Regulations: Stormwater retention on private properties
Process to obtain a permit, types of construction and extension projects requiring a permit, types of surfaces, piping, provisions to limit water runoff, exemptions, etc.