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The Borough of Saint-Laurent has regulations to guide building construction, renovation and expansion projects, as well as for dwelling sanitary and maintenance considerations.

Buildings: Addition of basement dwellings 
Process to obtain a permit and an authorization certificate, conditions related to the creation of a basement dwelling, sanitary considerations, as well as provisions related to the minimum area, windows, lighting, ventilation, etc.

Buildings: Construction and extension of residential buildings 
Process to obtain residential building construction and extension permits, conditions applicable to the development of a lot, the configuration and architecture of a building, as well as information related to green space, parking, stormwater retention, etc.

Buildings: Covering materials of flat and low-pitched roofs 
Process to obtain a permit or authorization certificate, as well as provisions related to covering materials or flat and low-pitched roofs, etc.

Buildings: Demolition 
Process to obtain a permit or authorization certificate, as well as provisions related to partial demolitions, complete demolitions, validity of demolition permits, etc.

Buildings: Dwelling interior configuration standards
Provisions related to minimum dwelling design standards, required spaces and minimum dwelling dimensions, minimum height of habitable spaces, fixtures required for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for lighting, heating, windows, ventilation, etc. 

Buildings : Housing sanitation and maintenance
Conditions applicable to the dwelling maintenance and sanitation, information related to humidity, the presence of mould, bedbug extermination, as well as the procedure to follow to submit a complaint to the Borough, etc.

Buildings: Interior and/or exterior building redevelopment PDF
Form to be completed to submit an application for all interior and/or exterior building redevelopment requiring a construction permit.

Buildings: Work allowable without permit or certificate of authorization 
List of work projects that can be done without a permit or an authorization certificate.

Buildings: Work requiring a permit
List of work projects requiring a permit or an authorization certificate.