Signature elements

Event Showcases

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Event showcases, 12 in number, are structures installed on Promenade des Artistes and Le Parterre in which event organizers are able to quickly set up tents and information, service and sales booths. They may also be used to mount short-term and temporary art installations. One of these on Le Parterre includes access to the Quartier des Spectacles technical room and the underground ventilation equipment of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), Montréal’s Transit Authority.

Concept d’aménagement

  • Removable 9 m x 3 m x 3 m structures with Ductal® concrete/steel frames installed along the tree lines of Promenade des Artistes and Le Parterre.
  • Event showcases give access to water, electrical outlets and multi-media connections via hatches integrated into the ground of public spaces.


Architecture and urban design: Daoust Lestage Inc.
Engineering: SM/Genivar Consortium

Technical Description

  • Dimension
    • Depth: 3 m
    • Width: 9 m
    • Maximum Height: 3.3 m (variable to suit ground slope)
  • Materials: White Ductal® concrete and white painted steel
  • Technical Services
    • Running water and drainage
    • Electrical and multimedia access
    • Ground lighting

Living Showcases

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Living showcases are largely fenestrated one-storey pavilions erected on the widened sidewalk of rue Jeanne-Mance. Strategically positioned to face Place des Festivals, the two structures possess an extraordinary template and design. They are now occupied by restaurants, providing a quality urban experience on rue Jeanne-Mance.

Planning Concept

  • Two free-standing buildings on the expanded sidewalk of rue Jeanne-Mance, close by the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal.
  • With curtained walls of glass and white aluminium, they measure (approximately) 40 metres in length, 4 metres in width, and 3 metres in height.
  • Their ground floors feature restaurants; sliding doors open about 12 m wide onto a sidewalk terrace.

Principal Effects

  • A quality commercial and gastronomic offering to attract passers-by, day and night.
  • Profits from the commercial space rentals are reinvested in cultural events held in Quartier des Spectacles public spaces.
  • Through their form and choice of materials, these pavilions serve as a signature element of Quartier des Spectacles.


Architecture and urban design: Daoust Lestage Inc.
Engineering: Groupe SM inc.

Technical Description

  • Free-standing one-storey buildings with basement
  • Basement level for kitchen and technical equipment
  • Ground level restaurant lay-out with adjoining terrace on street side