Le Parterre, Promenade des Artistes and surroundings

Le Parterre
© Stéphan Poulin

Phase 2

Two public spaces — Promenade des Artistes and Le Parterre — were created north of the development zone, between Place des Arts and the Sciences Pavilion of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). This required a major reconfiguration of the road system.

Work on Le Parterre, Promenade des Artistes and the surrounding area was essentially finalized
in 2010.

Planning Concept

Le Parterre

  • Major reconfiguration of boulevard De Maisonneuve and the re-parcelling of Place
  • Albert-Duquesne and Place Fred-Barry.
  • Creation of a new 3,455 m2 public space, mostly grass-covered, facing Maison Symphonique de Montréal.
  • Installation of two lighting superstructures.
  • Installation of three event showcases.
  • Construction of an underground electric service station and control room.

La promenade des Artistes

  • Narrowing of the roadways on boulevard De Maisonneuve, avenue du Président-Kennedy and rue Ontario between rues Clark and De Bleury.
  • Quadrupling of the island surface between De Maisonneuve and President Kennedy, and transforming it into a 3,190 m2 public space.
  • Installation of eight event showcases.
  • Installation of one lighting superstructure.

Principal Effects

  • Enhancement of the sector’s look and feel.
  • Creation of a lively space for festivals and other activities between Place des Arts and UQAM.
  • Creation of a prestigious approach to Maison Symphonique de Montréal which is facing Le Parterre and a performance space for the Montréal Symphony Orchestra.


Architecture and urban design: Daoust Lestage Inc.
Engineering: SM/Genivar Consortium

Technical Description

Urban Forest

  • 125 planted trees:
    • 57 ulmus “Prospector” elms on Promenade des Artistes, boulevard De Maisonneuve, avenue du Président-Kennedy and rue Ontario
    • 27 malus “Prairie Fire” crab apples on Le Parterre and Promenade des Artistes
    • 22 acer x freemanii “Autumn Blaze” maples on rue Clark
    • 15 gleditsia “Skyline” honey locusts on Le Parterre
    • 4 gleditsia “Shademaster” honey locusts on Le Parterre

Le Parterre

  • Total area (excluding sidewalks and bike path) 3,455 m2, including:
    • 719 m² paved with Cambrian Black granite
    • 100 m² paved with Stanstead Gray granite
    • 17 m² paved with Bethel White granite
    • 2 623 m² plant cover
    • 3 event showcases
    • 58 metres of fog effects with multicoloured linear LED lighting

Promenade des Artistes

  • Total area (excluding sidewalks) 3,190 m2, including 1,016 m² of plant cover
  • 8 event showcases