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Urban planning info-sheets

Site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIA)

A site planning and architectural integration program (PIIA) is a qualitative evaluation tool set forth in title VIII of the urban planning by-law that makes it possible to ensure project quality according to pre-established criteria.

Application for preliminary review

An administrative procedure that allows projects which may be eligible for an exemption to undergo a preliminary review before a formal application is submitted. For projects that do not comply with the guidelines provided in the urban planning by-law, it may be possible for approval to be granted using discretionary urban planning tools. The procedure makes it possible to evaluate the advisability of each formal exemption procedure and to guide applicants in the early stages of their project.

Specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposal for an immovable (PPCMOI)

An exemption that allows projects which are at variance with the borough's urban planning by-laws to proceed, without it being necessary to modify applicable standards for an entire zone or the entire territory. the procedure provides a framework for urban development on a case-by-case basis and allows the borough council to ensure that projects are of high quality and that their impact on the city is in harmony with the built environment. It is particularly suitable for large-scale or complex projects.

Minor exemptions

An exemption that allows work to be carried out when there are minor deviations from urban planning regulations due to the specific constraints of the property in question.

Conditional uses

An exemption that introduces flexibility to urban planning regulations by authorizing certain uses that are compatible with the surrounding environment and prescribing conditions on a case-by-case basis.

Parking exemption

An exemption that waives the requirement to provide and maintain the minimum number of parking spaces required by regulations in exchange for a fee. It is conditional upon compliance with certain criteria.

Demolition of immovables

It is prohibited to carry out demolition work on a building without first obtaining a permit. Depending on the nature of the project, the application for a demolition permit may be subject to approvalby the demolition committee.

Exemption by section 89 of the Montréal City Charter

The Montréal City council may, by by-law, allow large-scale projects or projects of an exceptional nature to proceed, notwithstanding any by-law adopted by a borough council.

Conversion of immovables to divided co-ownership

The conversion of residential rental properties to divided co-ownership is regulated by the act respecting the Régie du logement du Québec and the by-law concerning the conversion of immovables to divided co-ownership of the borough. The conversion of an immovable to divided co-ownership is not permitted unless an exemption is granted by the borough council, and is always subject to prior authorization to convert by the Régie du logement in accordance with the act respecting the Régie du logement.

Inclusion of social, affordable and family housing in new residential projects policy