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About Commercial Development Corporations (CDCs)

A CDC is a non-profit association that works toward the economic development of a given area. CDCs are known to be very committed and to have a successful approach when it comes to development and getting things done in communities, whether located in small towns or big cities. This approach has proven its worth during the course of many innovative projects and through the tangible benefits brought about in people’s living environments.

To support these accomplishments, a certain amount of participation on the part of the municipality is required, governed by by-laws. Beyond their involvement in merchant events, CDCs have local expertise that allows them to create strategies that are appropriate to their area. That allows to them to contribute to the enrichment of the neighbourhood’s quality of life, to strengthen residents’ sense of belonging and to support local economic, cultural and social development.

Our borough has one CDC, named Expérience Côte-des-Neiges. Its website is .