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Public domain

Public domain occupancy permit

Temporary occupancy of the public domain

For any work requiring the temporary occupancy of the public domain (the closing of a street, the occupancy of a sidewalk to store materials or set up a container), citizens and contractors must obtain a permit to temporarily occupy the public domain. Rates vary according to the location, the space occupied, the presence or absence of parking meters, the number of days, and so forth.

The permit for this type of occupancy is valid only for the authorized occupancy period, provided that the conditions of its issuance are not modified and that the applicable fee is paid in accordance with the requirements set out in the by-law concerning fees.

Permanent and periodic occupancy of the public domain

The permanent occupancy of the public domain relates to:

  • A construction permanently installed in the public domain in whole or in part;
  • An encroachment by a fixed and immovable portion of a building, such as a staircase, a balcony or an access ramp for a person with a disability;
  • An overhanging encroachment such as scaffolding, an awning or a sign;
  • An underground encroachment such as a tunnel or a garage;
  • The process of regularizing an existing situation (often in conjunction with a sale).

The periodic occupation of the public domain relates to:

  • Sidewalk cafés encroaching on public domain (occupancy of 7 months maximum per year);
  • Bicycle racks.