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Other work permits

Depending on the nature of the work carried out, permits complementary to the construction permit may be required.

Here is a list of the permits available on request at the Technical Bureau of the public works department.

Excavation work

Permit to excavate in proximity to the public domain
This permit is required when excavation is carried out in proximity to the public domain. Once the permit is requested, the Bureau technique analyzes the scope and scale of the work, more specifically the depth of the excavation and the area it spans, in order to determine the cost of the permit.

Permit to excavate in the public domain
This permit is required for activities that are not connected to the water supply and sewage system (including service inlets and water inlets), but that require excavation in the public domain.

Ex. Clearance of a building foundation requiring excavation in the public domain (laneway, sidewalk, road).

Fire hydrants

In order to use a fire hydrant, citizens or contractors must obtain an “authorization to temporarily use a fire hydrant.” Note that such use is limited during winter due to the risk of freezing. While adapters, valves and hoses are not provided, users may rent them from a tool rental outlet.

A permit is required for:

  • The temporary use of a fire hydrant
  • A residual pressure test (flow test or hydrostatic test)

Permit applications and information: 514 872-4469