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Montréal’s approach

Together for a sustainable metropolis

The cornerstone and innovative aspect of Montréal’s approach to sustainable development is the shared commitment of the city and partner organizations to achieving practical and measurable initiatives.

Through the Montréal Community Sustainable Development Plan 2010-2015 (the Plan), Montréal has confirmed its commitment to making sustainable development the basis on which the city must be developed. The result of a collective effort, the Plan is a continuation of the approach initiated by Montréal’s First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development 2005-2009 and is complementary to Montréal’s Corporate Sustainable Development Plan 2010-2015.

Under the leadership of the municipal administration, a number of city departments, local administrations and partner organizations have worked together on different committees to develop the Plan.

“Together for a sustainable metropolis” reflects this unique approach, which promotes concerted community action and an increase in sustainable development efforts and initiatives.

The approach was built around four guiding principles:

  1. Working for sustainable development as a community
  2. Fostering a better quality of life
  3. Increasing efforts to protect the environment, and
  4. Building the economy in a sustainable manner

These four principles form the basis of the five strategic orientations of the Plan.

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