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Right of Initiative to public consultation

Illustration - Right of Initiative to public consultationsDid you know that you can obtain a public consultation in your borough or the city concerning any matter that represents a new public policy or on a subject that may, in your view, have a significant impact on the community? How? By using the Right of Initiative which the city has made available to you.

Toward a public consultation

The Right of Initiative is a tool that allows you to propose for consultation any idea, orientation or innovative project that’s important to you and to others.

Your elected officials are required to carefully review the results of such public consultations and clearly explain any decisions they may make as a result.

Unlike existing consultations that generally concern projects already under way, this tool gives all citizens the right to propose and submit for public discussion new propositions that represent the support of the community.

Summary of your right to initiate a public consultation and Steps to Follow

Visit the Overview section.

The protocol of a public hearing

To learn about the protocol involved in a public hearing, please consult the Public Consultation section.

Current petitions

Consult current petitions.

Examples of eligible requests in regards to the Right of Initiative to public consultation:

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