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Code of ethics

Code of ethics for Internet users and those in charge of sites hosted on the Internet infrastructures of the city

The city considers it a priority to show respect to anyone communicating with it.

The city suggests that Internet users observe the same rule when contacting it by e-mail through the virtual Accès Montréal office or through the various interactive applications of the city’s Web site.

The persons responsible for, and users of the Web sites hosted on the city’s Web infrastructures should also promote this principle of respect in online communications, regardless of the form such communications may take – informative content, visual content (graphics, photographs, etc.), chat, forums, etc.

Organizations whose Web sites are hosted on the city’s Web infrastructures assume entire responsibility for the content of their sites (textual and visual) and must take up the defence of the city, its employees and agents in any legal proceedings brought against them.

Through the agreement signed by community organizations for their site to be hosted on the city’s Web infrastructures, the city reserves the right to cancel, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, any agreement with such organizations. If it proves that one or other of the said organizations does not adhere to or tolerates violation of the elementary rules of respect, politeness and decency in communication matters, the city can exercise its right to terminate the hosting agreement concluded with such an organization. The dissemination of accusations, slanders, libels or hateful, sexist, racist, discriminatory, defamatory, vulgar or other similar matter is strictly prohibited on the city’s Web site and on the various sites hosted on the city’s Web infrastructures.

Furthermore, the city reserves the right to withdraw hyperlinks from its Web site that it offers various sites should the latter no longer adhere to the city’s standards.