Montréal is at the maximum alert level. Curfew in force from 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Stay informed

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Municipal court

Confinement and curfew

All judicial activities at the municipal court continue, including those taking place in the evening.
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The municipal court of the City of Montreal is a judicial tribunal with competence in criminal, penal and civil matters. In criminal matters, its competence extends to all municipal regulations as well as certain provincial laws, in particular the Highway Safety Code.

The municipal court of the City of Montreal ranks first amongst municipal courts in Canada due to the volume of cases heard each year.

The objective of the court is to be accessible to citizens offering local, efficient and humane justice. As such, activities are distributed within 5 strategic locations, representing 21 courtrooms, where the court hears contested hearings in matters relevant to its jurisdiction according to a varied time schedule, which allows for personalized service.

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