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Financial policies

Since the creation of the new Ville de Montréal in 2002, the city adopted financial policies to ensure the sound management of public funds. These policies set out the financial management procedures for all municipal business activities and serve as a guide for the executive committee, city council, urban agglomeration council, borough council, managers and paramunicipal agencies in their decision-making process. These policies have evolved with each passing year to account for changes in the legal framework, administration and financial obligations, as well as changing practices.

The policies are in line with the principles developed by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), which are put forward by the Québec ministère des Affaires municipales et des Régions (MAMR).

Below is a list of financial policies that are currently in effect. They have been adopted by the city and urban agglomeration councils.

PDF Politique de capitalisation et d'amortissement des dépenses en immobilisations
(in French)
[721 KB - 21 pages]
PDF Politique de gestion de la dette (in French)
[59 KB - 8 pages]
PDF Politique de gestion des dépenses (in French)
[163 KB - 4 pages]
PDF Politique de gestion des réserves de fonds (in French)
[187 KB - 3 pages]
PDF Politique de l'équilibre budgétaire (in French)
[190 KB - 4 pages]
PDF Politique des équipements et des infrastructures (in French)
[193 KB - 5 pages]
PDF Politique des sources de revenus (in French)
[187 KB - 4 pages]