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By-law concerning the distribution of advertising material
    Download the consolidated by-law.  [- 2 pages]
Number: D-4
Date of adoption:
Date of coming into force:
Political body:
Geographic application:
This by-law amends the following by-law(s):
  96-189 [- 2 pages]  
  95-246 [- 8 pages]  
  9287 [- 39 pages]  
  8588 [- 4 pages]  
This by-law is amended by these by-laws
  RCA11 22005 [- 15 pages]  
  RCA10 09009 [- 7 pages]  
  RCA08 17155 [- 6 pages]  
  RCA08-30024 [- 8 pages]  
  RCA08-14005 [- 10 pages]  

Important notice
Documents titled "Consolidated by-laws of the former city" are not updated by-laws. They are solely for information purposes so that citizens can research by-laws that applied to the former city through October 19, 2001. After October 19, 2001, these by-laws may have been amended, repealed or replaced by by-laws from the borough councils, city council and the agglomeration council.

Readers are responsible for verifying any amendments that may have been made to the by-laws available on this site. For more information about a by-law’s status, please contact customer service