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User’s Guide
Using this online service, you can search for, download, consult and print out both city and boroughs by-laws enacted.
The service is free and accessible 24 hours a day.    

Searching for a by-law
Thanks to an advanced search interface, you can easily find the by-law you’re looking for. You can also view a profile of the by-law, which includes:

  • the office consolidation
  • the by-laws that were amended
  • the by-laws and resolutions that amended the by-law
  • the related ordinance

Current/Historical by-laws
You may search either in current or in historical by-laws. Current by-laws are active. Historical by-laws are no longer in force and are for reference only.

You can search by keyword, using words in the title or in the by-law. To search using multiple keywords, separate keywords with a space. More information is available on the "Search by keyword" page.

By-law number
To search by by-law number, enter the number in the number field on the search form.

  1. Select “Exact number” of the by-law in the menu
  2. Select “starting by” to obtain all by-laws

By-laws are always numbered as follows:

  • city council by-law  
  • urban agglomeration council by-law
  • borough council by-law
  • executive committee by-law
  • consolidated by-law 
  • 06-xxx
  • RCG 06-xxx
  • RCA00 xxx
  • RCE 07-xxx 
  • A-xx

Geographic application
You can also select the jurisdiction to which the by-law applies. If it is a borough, select the borough from a scroll-down menu. If it applies to several boroughs, select one. If it applies to the whole city or you do not have this information, select “Montréal.”

Date of coming into force
There are two ways to select the date of coming into force :

  1. Select the date by clicking on the calendar;
  2. Write the date in the date field, using the following format: day/month/year.

If you don’t know the date, these fields may be left blank. Office consolidations do not have a date on which they came into force. In the search engine, the last update will appear in this field.

Search results
The results of your search will appear in a list showing the number, the title and the jurisdiction for each by-law.

By-laws are sorted into two subdivisions according the political body that issued them. The first subdivision comprises all by-laws of the Direction du greffe (by-laws of the urban agglomeration council, city council by-laws, executive committee and CUM by-laws).  The second subdivision is made up of borough by-laws (in alphabetical order by borough name).Within each subdivision, by-laws are sorted by the date of coming into force, from newest to oldest.

The number of by-laws that correspond to your search criteria is indicated and if there are more than 10 results, you can browse the results pages. There are 10 results per page.
If you can’t find the by-law with your search criteria, perform a new search by clicking on the "New search" button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Consult a by-law
When you find the by-law you’re looking for, click on the by-law number to download it. You’ll also see related documents such as office consolidations, consolidated by-laws of the former city, and ordinances related to the by-law. Click on these documents to open them.

The current by-laws, consolidated by-laws of the former city, office consolidations and ordinances are available in PDF format. To view or print them, you will need to open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the button below to download it for free.

The English interface does not search within by-laws whose titles and text are in French only.


Minimum system requirements
Java and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to use the form search service. These languages are enabled by default in recent browser versions.

Your screen must display at least 256 colors with a minimum resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.

Web browser
To perform confidential transactions over the online service, you must be using Microsoft Explorer 5.x or Netscape 6.x or higher, which contain 128-bit encryption protocols. Prior versions may not prove as reliable in protecting your information. You can download the necessary version from your browser’s Web site.

A cookie is a string of data that is transmitted by a Web site to your browser and that resides temporarily in your browser’s memory or on your computer's hard drive.

Cookies must also be enabled before you can use the online service, so that we can ensure we are dealing with the proper party.

The cookies used on the city’s transactional site cannot seek out any other type of information on your hard drive. Once you leave our Web site, these cookies become non-functional.

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies, but certain users set their browsers to refuse them. If this is the case, you must enable cookies before using the site.
Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

Customers are solely responsible for their search results. The city does not guarantee that the information obtained will be accurate and assumes no liability for any errors that it may contain or any errors in interpretation that may arise.

Texts and information available from the online service site might contain technical or typographic errors.

Should there be any difference between an official text and the file obtained from the online service site, the official text shall prevail.

Personal data
Personal information that is collected by the city will be used for the purpose of service delivery. This information is necessary for receiving such service and is only available to employees assigned to service delivery.

The information is accessible and may be corrected under the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information. Requests under the act should be sent to the Direction du greffe, 275 Notre-Dame Est, bureau R-134, Montréal, QC  H7E 1C6.

Notice of non-liability
The city is not liable for damages arising from the use of the online service site or from the presence or absence of information or the delivery, compilation or interpretation of any information obtained from the online service site. The city does not guarantee that the information transmitted by the online service will be free of error or that it will be sent within a reasonable period of time. Furthermore, updated versions of the online service may be introduced at any time.

Temporary interruption
The city may at any time temporarily interrupt access to the online service site to update, alter or correct its contents or to upgrade or change the equipment used.

The city reserves the right to alter the list of contents and the terms of use for the online service site by giving customers prior notice and the dates they come into effect.

Legal recourse
Users of this online service are solely responsible for any damage to the city or to third parties resulting from the use of information contained in this site. Users shall indemnify the city and hold it not responsible for any claims or final decisions arising directly or indirectly out of use of the online service and shall pay the principal, fees and other costs associated with any settlement into which the city might enter. The city agrees to notify the client of any such claim within 30 days of receipt.

Intellectual property
The city is the exclusive owner of the online service data. Users acknowledge that the city is only providing them with limited rights of use to the information as described herein.

You may display, download or reproduce the information contained in the online service site on the condition that these operations are strictly limited to and performed solely for the purposes provided by the online service, that the information is not modified and that any intellectual property notices are maintained and displayed.