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Understanding by-laws [Return to home page]

Current by-laws
Public and legally binding act adopted by one of the city's decision-making bodies (agglomeration council, city council, executive committee or borough council).

Consolidated by-laws
Consolidated by-laws are updated by-laws that officially integrate the original by-law with its amendments. Unlike office consolidations, consolidated by-laws are legally binding and replace the original by-law. However, there are not currently any consolidated by-laws for the city. Consolidated by-laws of the former city are available solely for information purposes so that citizens can research by-laws that applied to the former city through October 19, 2001. After October 19, 2001, these by-laws may have been amended, repealed or replaced by by-laws from the borough councils, city council and the agglomeration council.

Historical by-laws
By-laws which are no longer in force because they were replaced, repealed or have become obsolete.

Office consolidation 
Update of a by-law that integrates the original by-law and its amendments for information purposes only. An office consolidation has no legal value.

Decision made by the executive committee or a borough council under a by-law.