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By-law concerning specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposals for an immovable (PPCMOI)

On request and under the conditions set out in this by-law, council may authorize a specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposal for an immovable located within borough limits, even if it overrides one or more by-laws set out in Chapter IV of the Act respecting land use planning and development (L.R.Q., Chapter A-19.1).

Text of the by-law

Applicants must submit an application and include five paper copies and one electronic copy. The application must contain the following documents:
1.The survey plan of the lot cited in the specific proposal;

2.An authentic copy of any title establishing that the applicant is the owner of the said lot or a document establishing that he or she holds an option to purchase the lot;

3.The certificate of location for any structure erected on this lot, including the technical designation;

4.Where applicable, the power of attorney establishing the mandate of any person authorized to act on behalf of the owner;

5.A declaration signed by the owner or his or her mandatary, establishing the types of occupancy of any building cited in the specific proposal;

6.In the case of an immovable in the form of rental housing, the list of tenants in the 12 months preceding the application, the rent amounts, the lease expiry dates, and a  declaration of the measures set out for the relocation and compensation of tenants in accordance with the law;7.A document citing the motives for the application and a brief description of the specific proposal (plans, studies, materials used).

The form (Demande d’approbation d’un PPCMOI - in French only) provided by the borough for that purpose must be completed in full and signed by the building owner or his or her mandatary;

The fees set out under the By-law concerning fees must be paid at the time of application.

See Fees (in French only)

Processing of the application

The application  will be reviewed by the members of the Urban Advisory Committee (CCU), and the latter will issue their recommendations to borough council for approval.

It is important to bear in mind, for the start of your construction project, that the process takes a minimum of three months.

  • Adoption of the first reading
  • Public consultation
  • Adoption of the second reading
  • Holding of the application
  • Adoption of the proposal
  • Keeping of a registry (where applicable)

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