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Permit to operate a sidewalk café

An application must be submitted to operate a sidewalk café on public or private property in the borough of Verdun.

Fiche info-terrasse

Photo Terrasse.Required supporting documents

  • A scale lay-out plan indicating the dimensions of the terrace and its location in relation to the main building, the street and any obstacle present on the sidewalk.
  • Details of the railing used: height, colour, material and design
  • Applicant’s contact information
  • Full address of the business
  • Photo of the facade visible from the streetMatériau et aménagement

The railing on the terrace must be made of black ornamental iron attached to the ground with thread-cutting screws (Tapcon). The operator must place natural flowers all around the terrace.

Rue Wellington

The sidewalk café must have a terrace and the pedestrian passageway located alongside the building, that’s to say on the sidewalk. The terrace may encroach on the street under certain conditions, and the material used to do so may be rented from the Direction de l'aménagement et des services aux entreprises or built according to the standards in force.

Operating period

Operating a sidewalk café on public property is authorized from April 15 to October 15. No equipment may be left on site outside this period.

Sidewalk café on private property

A permit is required to operate a sidewalk café on private property. The permit does not have to be renewed, unless the terrace is modified. Go to “Required supporting documents” to see the lay-out standards.


Given that the borough has a limited quantity of material for use on a terrace, the reservation must be made as early as February.

Alcohol permit

Business owners who already have a permit to sell alcohol may contact the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec for information concerning the sale of alcohol on a sidewalk café.

Pour plus de renseignements

  • Direction de l'aménagement urbain et des services aux entreprises
    4555, rue de Verdun, bureau 109
    Opening hours
    Telephone : 311

2018 fees*

Fee for a terrace on public property

  • $352 for a permit to operate a terrace on public property
    Material rentals, if required, are charged according to the width of the terrace
  • A public property occupancy fee will be applied: $2/ft

Fee for a terrace on private property

  • $224 for a permit to operate a terrace on private property

*Fees subject to change without notice