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Commercial occupancy certificate

All businesses, business offices, industries, institutions and organizations must post their commercial occupancy certificate inside their establishments. This document certifies that their activities and the person practicing them are compliant under zoning by-law 1700, as amended.
Before renting or purchasing your office, make sure it can be used to practice the activity of your choice. Our specialists are available to explain all you need to know about zoning.

Application process

Applications to obtain a commercial occupancy certificate must be submitted to:

Applications must include the duly completed form below.

Required supporting documents

  • Business registration or incorporation document
  • Lease, where applicable



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Home-based activities

Under specific conditions, the following activities are authorized at home: office, personal care, artist or artisan workshop, family day care with more than six (6) children.
Note that an occupancy certificate is required when the work calls for meeting clients at a home office.