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Water supply system

Building owners are responsible for the water piping system inside their buildings, up to the water shutoff valve between the building and the water main beneath the road.

Water leaks

If you observe a significant water leak in the street or on a property, or water infiltration in a building, please call 311 immediately. A continuous hissing sound in a home piping system indicates a leak in the water service connection.


Water shut-off request

A water shut-off request must be made by calling 311. Expect a delay of 48 hours (during working days - from Monday to Friday) to give the borough time to inspect the water shut-off valve and ensure that it is functional.

Fuite d'eau

An emergency water shut-off request will be considered only if there is a major leak inside a building. In cases where it is not possible to shut off the outside valve, the borough offers a service that consists of freezing the water service connection, but only in the presence of a licensed plumber.


Request to reopen an outdoor water valve

A request to reopen an outdoor valve must be made by contacting 311. The reopening will be done within a reasonable time, on the same day.


Repair of a leak in a privately-owned water service connection

When a building owner must repair a leak on an outdoor water service connection or replace the connection using excavation, he or she must obtain and have in hand the two (2) permits (occupancy of public property, and excavation) prior to submitting a water shut-off request. A delay of 48 hours will be requested if there is no water infiltration in the building.

Please note that excavation fees will be charged to the owner.

In addition, the owner must contact the Direction adjointe des projets d’infrastructure et du génie municipal (engineering division) to find out the proper procedure to follow, specifically as it pertains to complying with regulations on trench work and excavation. As well, the owner must do business with a contractor licensed to carry out this kind of work.

If the contractor is unable to reconnect the water service connection to the existing valve, the owner must call 311 and request that a public works crew from the borough replace the valve with a new one.

Very important: Under no circumstances will public works employees from the borough descend into a trench if the following conditions are observed:

  • The trench measures more than 1.22 m (four feet) in depth and is not shored according to regulation;
  • The excavation materials are not placed at a minimum distance of 1.2 metres from the trench;
  • Vehicles are parked less than three (3) metres from the trench.

Diagram of a safe excavation (in French only):

Référence CSST

A trench exceeding a depth of 1.22 m (four feet) must be braced with vertical shores(Speed Shore) and extremities as shown in the photo below, and on-site certification from an engineer is required. Home-made shoring with plywood panels and two-by-fours must be certified by an engineer to be deemed compliant.


A shoring shield by Speed Shore with three-quarter-inch thick boards on the extremities is also acceptable.

ÉcranPhotos : Équipement NCN Ltée


Thawing a water service pipe

Before calling the borough to thaw your water service pipe, consult the following Web page for useful tips:

A building owner whose water service pipe freezes must have the plumbing inside the building checked by a licensed plumber to determine where the freezing occurred. The inspection and thawing of indoor plumbing will be charged to the owner.

Tuyau gelé

Thawing a water service pipe

When a licensed plumber determines that the freezing is outside the building, that is between the building facade and the municipal water main, the borough will take charge of thawing the water service pipe. The building owner must call 311 to make the thawing request. Note that one person must be present for the thawing operation to provide access to the building.


Installation or disposal of the water service pipe


If you plan to install or dispose of a water service pipe, please call 311 to obtain a permit and the required information from the Division des permis et inspections and the Direction adjointe des projets d’infrastructure et du génie municipal. Excavation, installation and disconnection costs will be charged to the owner.

Boil water advisory and lift notice

Boil water advisories and advisory lift notices are published on the home page of the borough Web site, under the heading marked “To monitor.”

Boil water advisory

Boil water advisories are posted until an analysis report confirms that the situation has been resolved. The maximum duration of a boil water advisory is three (3) business days .


Contiguous buildings: water supply system

If there is a leak in the water supply system and two buildings are supplied by a single main, the borough will only intervene to install two water shut-off valves. However, the owner must defray the cost of the excavation, shoring and replacement of their water pipes.

The pipe on the municipal side will only be replaced when the road is reconstructed. However, if there is no leak and the owners wish to have their own supply line, they may do so at their own cost. In this case, they must contact 311 in order to obtain the required excavation permit and public property occupancy permit through the Division des permis et inspections and the Direction adjointe des projets d’infrastructure et du génie municipal (engineering division).