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Interactive zoning map

View the interactive zoning map (Available in French only)

This interactive map offers basic information on the borough’s zoning by-laws. It was mainly designed with city planners, architects and surveyors in mind. It lets you obtain information on the basic zoning rules applicable to a particular lot (height, density, setback, uses, etc.) with just a few clicks, and to locate a lot using its lot number. Information on zoning is contained in the grid of uses and standards for each of Verdun’s zones. Every lot or building is included in a specific zone, which users will be able to identify with the interactive map.

Note: The height of buildings is governed by other rules, which may result in a height limit that differs from the limit indicated in the grid of uses and standards.

Given that it is impossible to provide all urban planning by-laws applicable to a property on the interactive map, we ask residents and developers to go to the permit desk to obtain all the information required to plan their project. Also, the map displayed below has been drawn up solely for the user’s convenience and has no official status. We cannot offer any guarantees as to its accuracy. For legal purposes, the official version of Verdun’s zoning by-law 1700 should be consulted.

Zoning by-law
To access the zoning by-law in its entirety, please look for it in the borough’s by-law search engine.

How to use it

To find an address: Enter the address you wish to find in the designated search box in the top-left of the map, e.g., 4555 Rue de Verdun. Once you find the address on the map, click on the zone targeted. Then, by clicking on the hyperlink, you will be able to access the grid of uses and standards that matches the zone where the building in question is located.

You may view the map using the aerial image. Simply change the option in the “base map” in the top-left. You can also select another available borough.

  • “Tools” menu: to print or send the map via email
  • “Background” menu: to change the base map (satellite imagery)
  • “Options” menu: to find your location using an address (geocoding) or a zone or lot number (data) with the magnifying glass icon, and to control your view of the displayed layers.
  • “Navigation” menu: to access photos from Google StreetView.
  • You can also right-click in order to get to Google StreetView directly.

The use of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended to view the interactive map.

Mobile version

A mobile device can be used to navigate on the interactive map. It is not necessary to download an application.
If you have any comments, please contact the Accès Verdun office by dialing 311.