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The Verdun borough’s six inspectors patrol the streets daily. Each is assigned to a specific sector in order to better meet the needs of citizens. Inspectors:

  • approve plans and project specifications for work carried out by citizens across the borough;
  • deliver permits and ensure that work is compliant;
  • monitor to ensure compliance with municipal regulations pertaining to sanitation, maintenance and cleanliness of residential units, nuisances and public peace, etc;
  • verify the merits of complaints filed by citizens and ensure follow-up.

Problem to solve?

If you believe the by-law concerning the sanitation and maintenance of dwelling units is not being respected in your building, please complete the following steps before you file a complaint with the borough:

  • First, try to reach a friendly agreement with the owner or tenant not complying with the by-law.
  • Failing that, notify the person concerned about the problem by registered mail (formal demand), requesting that he or she resolve the problem within a reasonable delay. Keep a copy of the letter and the post office receipt.
  • If the problem persists in spite of your efforts, contact the borough so that inspectors can act to resolve it.

Municipal inspectors may:

  • Enter a building or dwelling unit to inspect it;
  • Require an expert assessment;
  • Require that corrective measures be taken;
  • Impose fines;
  • Rectify a situation involving non-compliance;
  • Evacuate and close a dwelling unit deemed unsanitary.

To issue a request or file a complaint

Accès Montréal Office
4555 Rue de Verdun, bureau 104
Information: 311