International Student

You received your Canadian study permit and you’re getting ready to come and live in Montréal. To make things easier, the city has selected short information capsules by theme to assist you as you get settled here.

3 months before

You’ll be leaving soon and there’s still so much to do! To make your life easier, Montréal has selected short information capsules by theme for you to prepare your arrival.

Getting settled in Montréal

To learn more about life in Montréal, check out the “Living in Montréal” guide (in French) by Immigrant Québec, a non-profit organization.

1 month before

In a month, you’ll be in Montréal! Imagine your new life and take initiatives now that will save you time when you arrive.

5 days before

The countdown is less than five days! Your priority is not to forget anything. Take care of essential items.

2 days after

Welcome to Montréal! We are pleased to welcome you. Take care of your first administrative procedures.

15 days after

Keep up the good work with your first administrative procedures. Check out our information capsules to help you save time.

2 months after

Make the time to take a break. Discover the city, its cultural identity and its attractions.