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High-potential economic sectors

92,000 Jobs in the greater Montréal area
8,6 Billion in economic benefits

The cultural and creative industries, which represent a mainstay of Montréal’s distinctive identity and character, are a meeting point for creativity, culture, technology, and innovation. These industries include architecture and design, fashion, multimedia and video games, digital arts as well as traditional visual and live arts. The industries experiencing growing demand due to increased urbanization are spawning new business models.

30% Of venture capital investments were received in Montréal in 2016
80% Of direct jobs in Quebec’s LSHT sector are in Montréal

The life sciences and health technology (LSHT) sector encompasses all health-related activities, from research to product and service development, including medical equipment manufacturing, research and development services (R&D), and pharmaceutical distribution. The future of this sector relies on collaboration between institutions (governments, higher education institutions, healthcare networks, research centres) and businesses (companies, SMEs, multinationals, financing companies). This sector is key to Montréal’s economic development.

100,000 Jobs in the city
12 Billion of the GDP is generated

The digital industry at the root of innovation sectors provides leverage for attracting both domestic and foreign investment. Increasingly widespread, it has proliferated through all other activity sectors, allowing new business models to emerge. Its primary sub-sectors are artificial intelligence and deep learning, virtual augmented reality, big data, advanced manufacturing, software and IT services, as well as telecommunications services. This industry is crucial to the city’s economic development.

63,000 Jobs in the Montréal agglomeration in 2015
6.1 Billion of the GDP is generated

Serving most economic sectors, including public transport, manufactured goods, distribution centres, wholesale trade, e-commerce, and last-mile delivery, this key industry combines all modes of transport and their disparate logistics. This job-creating and lucrative industry, whose success relies on the quality of its services, has a direct impact on productivity and performance, and plays a key role in the Montréal territory’s appeal. The development of new sustainable and intelligent transport systems is an opportunity to strengthen Montréal’s place within the industry.

120 Subsidiaries employing more than 15,300 people
60% Of jobs in the cleantech sector are based in Montréal

An emerging and fast-growing sector, cleantech reconciles economic growth with environmental performance. Ensuring the transition to a low-carbon economy, this sector promotes innovation through the creation of products and services that impact other sectors of economic activity, while fostering the creation of innovative companies. The cleantech sector consists primarily of green chemistry, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, waste management, water management, remediation of contaminated sites, treatment of ambient air, etc. The sharp increase of investment in R&D is pushing the sector to build on innovative solutions.

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Action plans

Doing Business

Action plan for entrepreneurship

This plan’s objective is to stimulate the creation, growth and rate of survival of businesses in order to make Montréal an international reference for entrepreneurship.

Action plan

Maximizing Montréal

Action plan for an efficient network

This two-part plan for an effective action network aims to create a dynamically performing network in which entrepreneurs can create, develop and innovate.

Action plan

Create Montréal

Action plan for design

Gearing up for strategic and transversal integration of design in all municipal practices and developing the market for Montréal’s designers are the aims of this design plan.

Action plan

Inventing Montréal

Action plan for knowledge and talent

To make Montréal companies more competitive, this plan for knowledge and talent aims to contribute to attracting, retaining and training talent, as well as promoting and commercializing innovation.

Action plan

Moving Montréal Forward

Action plan for international economic affairs

With this plan for international economic affairs, Montréal intends to attract investments and talent while moving Montréal companies and organizations forward on the international scene.

Action plan

Weaving Together Montréal

Action plan for social innovation

By recognizing key economic players that are catalysts for change, providing guidance for initiatives and funding projects, this social innovation plan will help social innovation grow and thrive.

Action plan

Living Montréal

Action plan for commerce

Making nearby and retail businesses more dynamic, improving the built environment on commercial streets and supporting businesses on streets that are within construction sites are some of the objectives of the new plan for commerce.

Action plan

Building Montréal

Action plan for for the economic development of the territory

Action plan for for the economic development of the territory This economic development plan for the greater Montréal area aims to develop an integrated and sustainable vision of employment zones to help make Montréal’s economy more dynamic while maintaining Montrealers’ quality of life.

Action plan

Support for business

Business Intelligence

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