We, mayors of cities and metropolises, meeting in Montreal on June 10th and 11th, 2015, find that the phenomenon of urbanization, as well as population mobility, which will only continue to increase, are changing the way we administer our cities. As local governments, our cities are on the front lines of managing social diversity, equity and the economic and social inclusion of our fellow citizens.

We, mayors of cities and metropolises, must also deal, in particular, with new technological realities, which oblige us to demonstrate increased vigilance so that our communities can live safely within our city limits.

We, mayors of cities and metropolises, take note that cases of radicalization leading to violence and terrorist acts, throughout the world, have led us to strengthen a necessary unity of purpose and lead us to question ourselves about our practices in the areas of inclusion, of equity and of prevention.

We, mayors of cities and metropolises, accept it as our duty to encourage a universal feeling of belonging and to strike the necessary balance between openness, tolerance and vigilance in order to forestall social divisions as well as any form of exclusion or violence deriving from excessive radicalization.

We, mayors of cities and metropolises, hereby agree to the following:

  • The pivotal role of mayors in the promotion of diversity, of well-being for all and of the safety of our cities and metropolises puts us in a position of leadership;
  • Cooperation between mayors, through both continual dialogue and sharing our best practices, is a key element of living together;
  • A clear understanding of phenomena related to living together must be part of our responsibilities, in the same way as the management of our cities and metropolises;
  • Innovative, sustainable urban practices that promote social and economic inclusion, safe public spaces and access to education in all its forms, must aim for a balance between openness and vigilance and ensure our citizens live in safe neighbourhoods.

We, mayors of cities and metropolises of the world, share the following goals:

  • Our citizens deserve to live in cities where the quality of life, cultural diversity, safety, culture, the environment, employment and sound governance are at the heart of our daily concerns;
  • Our cities and metropolises must develop greater resiliency and learn from each other;
  • Our public policies must reflect our desire that no citizen be excluded by our efforts to build smart cities, and that on the contrary, technological modernization should provide new tools for social, economic and cultural inclusion;
  • Our educational institutions must be welcoming and inclusive places that allow every student to achieve his or her full potential and feel at home;
  • Our urban policies must take into account social diversity. We must put in place innovative, sustainable practices that both promote social and economic inclusion and provide an opportunity to live safely.

We, mayors of cities and metropolises of the world, strongly reaffirm our commitment to intensify our efforts and to promote living together in our communities, to assume our responsibilities in this area and to share our experiences and our knowledge.

Accordingly, We, mayors of cities and metropolises, commit ourselves to:

  • Create a Mayors’ International Observatory on Living Together, which cities may join on a voluntary basis. This Observatory, a first among local governments, will work in cooperation with universities and other research centres of member cities on any question which may concern them. The Observatory’s Central Secretariat will be located, for the next five (5) years, in Montreal.
  • Continue the discussions started in Montreal, the sharing of our strategic thinking and the exchange of information by declaring that the Mayors’ International Summit on Living Together should become recurrent and mobile. Thus, the Summit will take place every two (2) years, in different member or participating cities.

Press Release

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