Smoke alarms save lives!

When you change your clocks, remember to check/test your smoke alarm and change its battery. If you don’t have a smoke alarm, install one immediately. According to applicable by-laws, every dwelling must be equipped with a functional smoke alarm. 

On the night of November 3rd to November 4th, 2018, it will be time to change your clocks.

Checking your smoke alarm is fast and simple:

  • Press the test button for a few seconds. An alarm must ring immediately.
  • Check its capacity to detect smoke by putting out a candle next to your smoke alarm. If it is connected to an alarm communications centre, check with the company to ensure the signal was received.

Important facts:

  • Replace the battery when the smoke alarm emits an intermittent audible signal. Never use a rechargeable battery.
  • Install a smoke alarm on each floor, including the basement.
  • Install one in the hallway, near the bedrooms, making sure nothing will block the smoke from getting to the detector.
  • Replace your smoke alarms every 10 years.
  • Owners must install at least one smoke alarm per floor, including the basement, in each apartment. The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the smoke alarm and for changing the batteries.