The consultation process

Sainte-Catherine Ouest: open to your ideas

An invitation to participate!

The work on Sainte-Catherine Ouest will take place in an area of primary heritage value that that offers a mix of retail, businesses, and culture. The Ville de Montréal is counting on the public’s contribution and the involvement of social and economic stakeholders to highlight the assets and attractions of rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest and boost the appeal of the downtown core.

Montréal is carrying out a consultation process for Montrealers to help shape the project and collectively agree on a shared vision for the future of Sainte-Catherine Ouest. This large-scale project will greatly benefit from the comprehensive development goals set forth in the Master Plan, the Montréal Development Plan, the Transportation Plan, and the Economic Development Strategy.

The consultation phase will be followed by close collaboration between the City of/Ville de Montreal and stakeholders during the construction period in order to minimize disruption to local residents and businesses.

Rethinking Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Because several generations will benefit from the infrastructure improvements, it is important that the changes meet current and future needs. Who will live and work on Sainte-Catherine twenty, forty, sixty years from now? What will their needs be? How can Sainte-Catherine Ouest distinguish itself and contribute to the attraction of the downtown? What feel should it have during the day, the evening, the different seasons?

Montrealers are invited to participate in the redesign project by discussing and sharing their ideas on aspects that affect them, such as:

  • The redevelopment of the street and the public spaces, the design of street furniture and lighting,
  • The presentation of local heritage
  • Commercial, economic, and tourism development of rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
  • Universal accessibility and sharing of space by all street users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists
  • Cultural events, festivals and street performances 
  • The innovative use of technology to build a ‘smart city’ and the city of tomorrow
  • Social issues