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Civil protection by-laws

By-law concerning the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal

The adoption of the new SIM by-law is a new civil protection breakthrough for the Montréal agglomeration. It provides concrete support for the Centre de sécurité civile’s (CSC) efforts in risk management for major disasters by giving the fire department (Service de sécurité incendie Montréal or SIM) additional powers, and consequently, the CSC.

First and foremost, the provisions of the new by-law give SIM the power to give notice to any entity of the Montreal agglomeration or third parties, in regards to:

  • Civil protection elements with respect to territory development
  • Civil protection risk analysis and communication
  • All other prevention, preparedness, intervention and restoration in the event of a disaster.

It also specifies that approval must be obtained from the SIM for measures planned by an industrial risk generator to give notice to the public, as required under the Environmental Emergency Regulations. An up-to-date copy of the environmental emergency plan required under the same regulations must also be submitted to the SIM.

A concrete example of how these new regulations have been applied is the standardization of siren alert systems for the Montreal agglomeration. With this in mind, the CSC has developed a siren installation guide for municipal and industrial organizations who would like to have the CSC’s expert assistance in implementing mitigative measures and standardizing residual risk communication to residents.

These procedures will enable emergency responders to work together to reduce industrial risks and the vulnerability of the population by integrating standardized protection responses adapted to the reality of the risks within the territory.

By-law concerning fire safety

This by-law, which was revised to reflect the 2010 National Fire Code of Canada, sets out the minimal essential standards for maintaining fire safety equipment in good working order. Some of its normative requirements include civil protection, especially the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids and industrial procedures that present a risk of fire.

For more information, consult the By-laws section of the SIM’s Web site.

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