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Centre de sécurité civile

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The Centre de sécurité civile’s (CSC) mission is to prevent major disasters, to ensure the best state of preparation of the city’s boroughs and central departments in relation to major risks and to provide strategic support in coordinating emergency responders during disasters and disaster recovery.

Area of intervention

The CSC is in charge of preventing risks of major disasters and preparing a response in the event of a disaster. It works not only with known emergency responders, but also residents and businesses, by encouraging them to take the necessary precautions to deal with major disasters.

When a current or expected event requires the involvement of a number of organizations other than the usual ones, or when a situation surpasses or could surpass the capacity of regular first-line emergency responders, the CSC’s structure is activated and an effective coordination of the response at all levels is implemented.

The response objectives are as follows:

  • Come to residents’ assistance as quickly as possible
  • Save lives, reduce injuries
  • Protect residents and workers
  • Provide residents with a safe environment and shelter
  • Protect and keep essential infrastructures up and running
  • Inform the population
  • Protect property and the environment
  • Reduce social and economic losses

Important Numbers

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Poison center

24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-463-5060