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Accident – Transportation of dangerous goods


Transportation of dangerous materials

Dangerous materials are divided into nine categories according to the type of risk they pose to public safety.

Risks in Montreal

Accident routier impliquant des matières dangereuses sur l'autoroute 40 à montréal - Crédit : Éliot AlbertA number of major roadways and railways run across the island of Montreal, including heavily populated areas. A large quantity of dangerous cargo travels along these roads and railways. Pipelines transporting gas and petroleum are also present in Montreal. Transportation of dangerous goods by ship along the St. Lawrence River is also a risk. The two possible causes of a marine spill are a ship travelling along the river or a broken pipeline under the river. The accidents that are the most likely to happen are those involving hydrocarbons.

ransoprt par bateau de produits dangereux - Source : Société de développement économique de Rivière-des-Prairies Pointe-aux-Trembles Montréal EstAn accident involving a flammable, explosive or toxic substance is possible, and its location is difficult to predict. However, main road interchanges, railway yards and ports are the most likely sites for this type of accident.


Here is a map of the main road, rail, port and airport infrastructures for cargo transportation in Montreal.

Cargo transportation infrastructures across the island of MontréalCargo transportation infrastructures across the island of MontréalView this map

Transportation categories

1 Explosives TNT, fireworks, blasting explosives, Classe 1
2 Gas (flammable or toxic) Propane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide
Classe 2Classe 2
3 Flammable liquids Gasoline, diesel   Classe 3
4 Flammable solids Sodium, active carbon, safety matches   Classe 4.2
5 Oxidizing substances Ammonium nitrate, benzoyl peroxide   Classe 5.1
6 Toxic/infectious materials Arsenic, lead cyanide, rabies virus  Classe 6Classe 6
7 Radioactive materials Uranium hexafluoride Classe 7
8 Corrosive materials Sulfuric acid Classe 8
9 Various products, materials or organisms   Asbestos, BPC   Classe 9

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