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Preparing for risks

Preparing and protecting yourself

In the event of a major disaster, emergency teams may not be able to get to your home immediately. They will be sent first to those who need them the most. So it’s very important that you be able to take care of yourself for a 72-hour period while waiting for emergency workers.

Preparing an emergency kit

In order to take care of your family and yourself for at least 72 hours, you can put together an emergency kit with basic articles you’ll need and create an emergency plan.

Your emergency kit should minimally contain:

Case à cocher Water 2 litres / person / day
Case à cocher Canned food and manual can opener Non perishable
Case à cocher Battery-operated flashlight  
Case à cocher Battery-operated radio To stay informed of the situation
Case à cocher If you / your family have special needs Medication, formula, diapers
Case à cocher Candles and matches Be sure not to let them burn unattended
Case à cocher Blankets For all members of the family
Case à cocher First aid kit  
Case à cocher Toiletries Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper
Case à cocher Important items and documents Photocopies: identification, insurance policies, prescriptions, wills, copies of keys, cash, etc.
Case à cocher A whistle So that rescue teams can hear you
Case à cocher A carry bag In case of evacuation, to bring your kit with you
Case à cocher Your Emergency Plan  

We suggest that you adapt and add on to the kit according to your needs. Here are some examples:

Case à cocher Extra water  
Case à cocher A change of clothes and shoes  
Case à cocher Disinfectant for your hands


Case à cocher Dust mask  
Case à cocher Utensils  
Case à cocher Garbage bag  
Case à cocher Tablets to purify water  
Case à cocher Swiss Army knife  
Case à cocher Basic tools  
Case à cocher Camping stove and fuel


Case à cocher Items for your pets  

Creating your emergency plan

The best way to ensure the safety of your family is to prepare an emergency plan. It is important to explain the plan to other family members. This will help to save time and keep calm in an emergency.

An emergency plan should contain:

  • A meeting place for yourself and all family members
  • All exits for your home
  • Health information
  • Etc.

Disasters that could happen in Montreal all require specific preparation and responses.

Here’s what you need to do BEFORE, AFTER and DURING.