Montréal is at the watch level (green zone). Stay informed

The city foresees a brilliant future for the development of its economic hubs. The vision to build the East End is a top priority. Historically, the area was mainly industrial, though it was also known for its kind-hearted residents. It is definitely a part of our city worth discovering.

By 2024, with the support of the government of Québec, the city will invest more than $100 M towards enhancing industrial areas in the East End. Montréal and the East End community are all geared up! The area’s leaders have sprung into action. Over time, they were able to identify specific needs, and converge towards a common goal. Today, they are undertaking concrete action to develop the appeal and prosperity of the East End of Montréal.

The East End of Montréal and its industrial sectors located in Pointe-de-l’Île and Assomption-Sud-Longue-Pointe have the potential to become true employment hubs, as well as vectors of economic development not only for Montréal, but for the province of Québec as a whole.

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