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Support and financial assistance


Support measures for Montréal businesses - Stay informed

Montréal offers an ideal tax environment for investing in R&D in North America. What’s more, training, hiring foreign researchers and even initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption are all covered by a whole range of very attractive tax relief measures and financial assistance programs.

Montréal supports business development

Through a number of development and support organizations, Montréal encourages companies to locate or expand their premises here.

Montréal supports business seeking immigrant talent

The city of Montréal, through its Emploi Nexus program, is offering businesses information, tools, support and references to help them recruit and retain foreign-trained professionals. 

Montréal fosters creativity

An inspiring place to live, Montréal prospers by combining talent and creativity, collaboration and innovation, a vibrant cultural scene and easy access to everything.

The city is open to creativity and accepting of differences, bringing together talented people with the daring to do things in new ways and the drive to succeed. Montréal is diversified and welcoming, and offers an environment that fosters excellence. It’s an inspiring city, committed to attracting, celebrating and retaining the best and brightest.

To support and boost creativity, Montréal has several dedicated teams in its niches of excellence:

Local businesses and developers can count on federal and provincial government support

Government departments involved in economic development at the federal and provincial levels also help by offering programs to support:

  • investment projects
  • research and innovation
  • productivity enhancement
  • exports
  • marketing
  • business acquisitions