PRAM-Est - Call for proposals in progress

A program to put the East-end Montréal Action Plan into effect

The program operates by means of calls for proposals, for projects aimed at:

  • revitalizing industrial parks and zones in East-end Montréal
  • realizing the development potential of vacant or underused land in East-end Montréal
  • improving the productivity and competitiveness of businesses in East-end Montréal
  • attracting and retaining companies in East-end Montréal
  • building knowledge and innovation
  • encouraging business in East-end Montréal to adopt sustainable best practices
  • promoting and enhancing the image of East-end Montréal
  • promoting entrepreneurship and maximizing entrepreneurs’ chances of success
  • promoting and strengthening the social economy
  • developing the tourist appeal of East-end Montréal
  • strengthening an emerging economic sector in East-end Montréal

Submissions must be received no later than 16 p.m. on Monday, February 1st, April 25th or September 26th 2016

The program offers maximum one-time funding of $250,000 to support promising, innovative projects for developing East-end Montréal.

Funding is available under a $175 million agreement between the Quebec government’s Secrétariat à la region métropolitaine and the city of Montréal

Program Information

Supporting documents for submissions

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