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Montréal: Tremendous potential in clean technologies

A dynamic industry with promising projects

The cleantech industrial cluster is a competitive cluster of companies involved in cleantech technologies, goods and services with a direct impact on the environment. The cluster is based in Greater Montréal, represents all players in Quebec and works to foster the growth of the industry and its exports.

The cleantech sector in Montréal is:

  • 60% of the Quebec environment industry
  • An active industry that includes the entire range of environment-related goods and services
  • Significant, recognized research expertise
  • Very dynamic, with a number of associations and interest groups
  • Highly promising projects (Saint-Michel Environmental Complex, Centre for Sustainable Development, Météopôle, Montréal Urban Ecology Centre, etc.)

Winning conditions for companies

The numerous international and multinational companies in this sector in Greater Montréal can all draw on a stable, specialized workforce. Seven university institutions and three colleges in Montréal offer more than fifty environment study programs

The cleantech industry in Montréal is backed up by state-of-the-art infrastructure and research centres: